bossa nova jobim
Welcome to the official web site of Axial Records, founded in 2004 by jazz pianist/singer/composer Bill Beach in Portland, Oregon, USA.  The company is dedicated to furthering the enjoyment and understanding of Brazilian jazz and the Portuguese language.

Please take a moment to read reviews and listen to samples from  “Letting Go” and the newest release, “Brasil Beat”. More to Come!

“Not content to be one of Portland’s finest jazz pianists, on his new album “Letting Go” Bill showcases his singing with some beautiful Brazilian songs-in perfect Portuguese.” 
                                                             -Darrel Grant, Leroy Vinegar Institute

“Legato lines flow effortlessly, and lush chord voicings never obscure his clean touch and rhythmic dexterity. Beach's strength as an ensemble player comes through in the tight, interactive trio sound.”                 -Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian

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